Nathalie Malghem-Köhn

What my clients say about me
“Mrs Malghem-Köhn’s outstanding features were her pronounced commitment to her job and her flexible reactions to the requirements of the different activities and clients … She consistently met agreed deadlines. Even under pressure, she always provided accurate, top quality translations to our utter satisfaction.”
Hans-Georg Krämer
HR Director HR Services
Tissue Europe
“Mrs Nathalie Malghem-Köhn translated for us from German into French various authorizations to transport and use radioactive materials. She did a very professional, reliable and competent job which was completed on schedule.
Her extremely careful and accurate work on the documents as well as her pertinent queries furthermore enabled us to smooth out several inconsistencies in the German original.”
Thomas Esper
Bulander & Esper GmbH
“During our long-standing cooperation I have always been glad to rely on Mrs Malghem-Köhn and her translations as regards both subject matter and style, but also on her compliance with deadlines and her flexibility as well as on her professionalism and cooperativeness. Moreover her attentive thinking and her sense of the essential in terms of content and language - what really makes an excellent translator in my eyes - always impressed me. Asking the right questions: this is indeed the fundamental condition for a translator to provide a top quality service showing her/his clients to the best advantage.”
Sibyle Wahl
Public Relations
“It is essential for websites not only to present products but also to reflect the character of the particular company. Translations for this trade therefore require considerable judgment and intuition.
Mrs Malghem-Köhn translates into French and English quickly, reliably and with a remarkable sense of language and nuances. The structure of her translated text files is furthermore so well-defined that it’s child’s play for me to integrate them into websites and databases.”
Sabine Pohl