Nathalie Malghem-Köhn

Technical translations by an insider
The construction of a tissue machine in France was the occasion for me to translate a good deal of the documents relating to that large-scale project. Translating furthermore a wide range of documents about, amongst others, the following areas:
Pulp and tissue production and converting
Systems engineering
Research and development
Quality assurance
Hygiene products (tissue and fluff)

enabled me to acquire the terminology specific to the paper industry. I had in addition the opportunity to discover myself the machines and production processes during several plant tours where I was in charge of interpreting.

What do my hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge mean to you?

  You can expect top quality technical translations.
You can rest assured that you speak “the same language” as your foreign business partners and consequently speed up your projects and business.
You are not bothered by a lot of queries.
You thus have more time to concentrate on your core business.