Nathalie Malghem-Köhn

A first-class translation reads like an original
As a native speaker, I have a thorough understanding of the language and culture of your French-speaking business partners and customers. My French translations therefore exactly convey the nuances and tone of your message which they faithfully reflect in the foreign language. Especially prestige objects such as your corporate brochures require a top quality translation reading like an original.
Translating two corporate magazines for many years taught me to research terminology quickly and efficiently in the most varied areas. Having accompanied both magazines up to the printing stage in close cooperation with the responsible PR and designer agencies I have moreover become very familiar with the production processes.
Both my being a native French speaker and my long translating experience of corporate publishing give you precious advantages:
A top quality translation perfectly conveying your message as regards language, style and terminology.  
You make a thoroughly professional impression on your foreign business partners and customers.
And consequently enjoy enhanced prestige with them.
Furthermore you enjoy the comfort of having a single partner translating and proofreading your corporate publications.